Tiếng Anh 12 ( sach cũ)- bam sat noi dung

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1. His house, ____ windows were all
oken, was a depressing sight.
A. which   B. that   C. whose   D. its
2/English is one of _______ subjects in Vietnam
A.national B.international C.educational D.compulsory
3/These days I usually stay in bed until late. But when I had a job, I ________ get up early
A.am used to B.used C.use D.used to
4/He sacrificed a promising career to look after his handicapped daughter.
A.gave B.threw away C.gave up D.let it go
5/”What a lovely house you have!”. ____________________.
A.You’re welcome  B.Of course, it’s costly 
C.No problem  D.Thank you. Hope you will drop in
6/The new li
ary was built in the centre of the ___________.
A.height B.campus C.church D.museum
7/After arguing ___me, she shouted _____me and complained ___ the headmaster ____ my rudeness.
A.to/ at/ with/ about B.at/ to/ off/ to C.with/ about/ to/ to D.with/ at/ to/ about
8/”Have a nice weekend”.               – “__________”
A.the same to you B.you are the same C.so do I D.will you?
18/It’s important to have a close friend to __________ in
A.confide B.contact C.consult D.confirm
19/What a mischievous boy!
A.miserable B.trick C.naughty D.misconduct
20/By the time you ______, Henry _________ Ha Noi for Ho Chi Minh City.
A.get/ will have left B.got/ will have left C.get/ will leave D.get/ will be leaving
21/Our school has established a _________ cu
iculum of courses in many subjects.
A.core B.chief C.leading D.principle
26/It’s high time she ________ her final examination.
A.has taken B.had taken C.takes D.took
27/He is a ________ man. Every boy is __________ of him
ifying/ te
ifying B.te
ified/ te
ified C.te
ified/ te
ifying D.te
ifying/ te
28/It’s difficult _______ what our lives would be like without entertainment.
A.to see B.to imagine C.seeing D.imagining
29/_______ on the stairs than the phone rang.
A.had no sooner I stepped  B.no sooner I had stepped
C.had I stepped no sooner  D.no sooner had I stepped
30/I got my house ________ last week.
A.decorated B.decorate C.to decorate D.decorating
31/They got ________ the bus and walked _______ the school gate.
A.off/ toward B.of/ to C.to/ off D.off/ for
32/My mother put her keys in the drawer _____ they can’t get lost.
A.because B.let alone C.instead of D.so that
33/They are not sisters but they are very _____ of each other.
A.related B.friendly C.supportive D.intimate
35/Don’t say anything _____ you are asked.
A.until B.after C.as long as D.no  longer
36/The teacher asked the students if ___________.
A.they had any questions  B.have any questions
C.understand the lesson  D.have understood the lesson
37/The situation can not allow to continue.
       A                          B           C       D
38/The most common way of attracting someone’s attention from a distance is wave.
               A                                    B                                           C                            D
39/Have you paid enough attention to the lecture, you could have answered my questions.
            A                                 B       C                                                   D
40/I asked her who was she.
          A      B    C        D
41/She asked Tom to repeat what he had said.
A.”Will you please repeat what Tom said?”, she asked

B.”Please repeat what Tom had said”, she asked
C.”Please repeat what you say, Tom”, she said D.”Please repeat what you said, Tom”, she said
42/The exam was much easier than he had expected
A.The exam was much easier that he finished it all
B.He did not find the exam as difficult as he had thought
C.It’s possible for him to perform well on the exam D.He had expected that the exam was easy
43/He/ talk/ as though/ he/ know/ where/ she//
A.He talk as though he knew where she was B.He had talked as though he knew where she is
C.He talked as though he knews where she was D.He talks as though he knew where she was
44/I/often/ get/ early/ morning
A.I am used to get up early in the morning B.I can get up early in the morning
C.I am used to getting up early in the morning D.I like to get up early in the morning
45/A.ladies B.lives C.shirts D.chairs
46/A.courage B.honour C.favour D.labour
47/psychology B.prepare C.problem D.promote
48/A.academic B.calculation C.cu
iculum D.independent
49/A.confide B.unwise C.husband D.concern
50/A.biologist B.generally C.responsible D.security
51. What about ____ for a ride?
A. to go   B. go     C. going   D. have gone
52. We raised money for poor and ____ children.
A. careless   B. harmless    C. odourless   D. homeless
53. ________! I had no idea you were a
oad last month.
A. What surprise B. How a surprise  C. What a surprise D. Such surprise
54. Children are ____ to overcome problems.
A. determination  B. determine    C. determined   D. determinative
55. He ____ out when someone called at his office.
A. has just gone  B. had just gone   C. just went   D. just now went
56. The work ____ by the time you get here.
A. is done   B. would have done  C. had been done  D. will have been done
57. No longer ____ any pleasure to do this job.
A. I do have   B. do I have    C. do have I   D. I have
58. If she ____ more polite, she ___ less trouble.
A. had been/ would have  B. was/ would have met C. were/ hadn’t had  D. were/ would have
59. Speak to him slowly ____ he can understand you better.
A. since   B. although   C. so that   D. because
60. Can you keep the noise down, please? It’s ______ that I cannot hear myself think.
A. so noisy   B. so much noisy  C. such noisy    D. too noisy
61. The environment is not as pure as it __________.
A. is used to be  B. is used to being  C. used to be  D. was used to be
62. One of the ____ from Italy.
A. student is   B. students are  C. student are   D. students is
63. It was such a funny sight that we couldn’t stop ____.
A. laughing   B. to laughing   C. laugh   D. to laugh
64. Let’s go to the next part, ____?
A. shan’t we   B. won’t we   C. shall we   D. will us
65. High school students should be ____ for employment before leaving school.
A. well-done   B. well-made   C. well-prepared  D. well-spoken
66. Your money will be refunded if the goods are not to your ____.
A. satisfy   B. satisfactory  C. satisfaction   D. satisfactorily
67. When Mr. Pike was young, he was keen ____ playing football.
A. on    B. of    C. at    D. with
69. She has ____ for the job as a nursery teacher because she likes children.
A. applied   B. applicant  C. made an application  D. A and C are co
71. If he a
ives late, we would begin without him.
      A      B        C       D
72. The last time my father played tennis were in 1990.
 A     B         C   D

73. The most you learn, the more knowledge you get.
 A         B       C           D
74. AIDS is one of the fastest growing illness in the world today.
 A   B           C                D
79. People said that he was in London last summer.
A. He is said that he was in London last summer. B. He was said that he was in London last summer.
C. He was said to be in London last summer.  D. He was said being in London last summer
80. He neither drank ____smoked so he had good health.
A. also B. nor C. but D. or
81. People said that Tom stole that bicycle.
A. Tom is said to steal that bicycle. B. Tom were said to steal that bicycle.
C. Tom is said that to steal that bicycle. D. Tom was said to steal that bicycle.
82.Vietnam was _______ host country of the 22nd SEA Games.
A. an B. a C. Ø D. the
83. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:
A. advocate B. cu
ency C. habitat D. extinction
84. This is the first time I............. the experiment on plant
A. have doneHotwordStyle=None; B. did C. would doHotwordStyle=None;              D. doHotwordStyle=None;
85.Peter drives more carefully than Tom.
A. Tom doesn’t drive as carefully as Peter. B. Peter is a more careless driver than Tom.
C. Tom drives less careful than Peter. D. Peter isn’t a more careful driver than Tom.
86.Choose the word which is pronounced  differently from the rest
A. why B. who C. when D. where
87. Look out. There is a rattlesnake under the picnic table!
A. Listen B. Be careful C. Watch D. Go
88. I'm so
y. I didn't mean to inte
upt you. Please, go on and finish what you were saying.
A. quit B. stop C. continue D. talk
89. Plants and animals are responsible ………..…….a variety of useful medications.
A. on B. at C. for D. to
90. I cannot play football. Mary cannot, either.
A. Neither I and Mary can play football. B. Either I or Mary can play football.
C. Neither I nor Mary can play football. D. Not I and Mary can play football.
91. My friend has lost weight …………….……
A. by exercising everyday B. to exercising everyday
C. by to exercise everyday D. to exercise everyday
92. The suitcase seemed to get heavy and heavier as I ca
ied it along the road.
                         A                   B                C                               D
93. My mother suggested ……………..…..
A. to go to the countryside this weekend B. go to the countryside this weekend
C. going to the countryside this weekend D. being gone to the countryside this weekend
94. The woman was so beautiful …………………..
A. that I couldn’t help looking at B. that I couldn’t help looking at her
C. for me looking at her D. for me to look at
95. People who are afraid ..................heights are called acrophobia.
A. to B. of C. in D. on
96. Nobody helped him,…………………?
A. did he B. didn’t they C. did they D. didn’t he
97. What would you have do if you were in my position?
A               B                C           D
98. your/ watching/
other/TV/Does/ like/ football /matches/?
A. Does your
other like watching football matches on TV ?
B. Does your
other like watching football matches TV ?
C. Does your
other likes watching football matches on TV?
D. Does your
other like watch football matches on TV ?

99. Helen : “ Congratulations !”                    Jane : “…………….”
A. Thank you B. What a pity C. You are welcome D. I’m so
100.A : “ How do you do ?”                          B: “…………….”
A. Yeah,OK B. How do you do ? C. Not too bad D. I’m well.Thank
101. He asked me: “What time is it?”
A. He asked me what time was. B. He asked me what time it was.
C. He asked me what time it was? D. He asked me what time it is.
102.You had better _______ harder or you will be sacked.
A. worked B. to work C. working D. work
103. A. region B. football C. include D. medal
104. Choose the word which is pronounced  differently from the rest
A. sounded B. learned C. pleased D. steamed
105. Tom did not say a word and________ .
A. both I didn't B. neither did I C. neither I didn't D. I didn't too
106. _______, I will give him the report.
A. Until he will return B. No sooner he returns
C. When he returns D. When he will return
107. Mary was confused____the time.        A. on    B. about C. from D. in
108. If I had had free time, I ..................... shopping.
A. can go B. will go C. would have gone D. will have gone
109. Linda : “ Excuse me ! Where ‘s the post office ?”    Maria:  “…………………..”
A. Don’t wo
y B. I’m afraid not C. Yes, I think so D. It’s over there
110. He has done this business for 20 years.
A. He started doing this business for 20 years ago     B. He has started doing this business for 20 years.
C. He started doing this business 20 years ago.          D. He started doing this business for 20 years.
111. Choose the word which is pronounced  differently from the rest:
A. enjoys B. parents C. speeds D. boys
112. ……………….,I went to bed.
A. Finished B. After finished C. After had finished D. After I had finished
113. Johnny used to be one of the most _______ athletes in my country.
A. succeed B. success C. successfully D. successful
114. The days were the saddest ones I lived far from home on those days.
A. The days were the saddest ones where I lived far from home.
B. The days when I lived far from home were the saddest ones.
C .The days which I lived far from home were the saddest ones.
D .The days why I lived far from home were the saddest ones
115. You sent me a present .Thank you very much for it.
A. Thank you very much for a present which you sent me.
B. Thank you very much for the present, that you sent me.
C. Thank you very much for the present whom you sent me.
D. You sent me a present which thank you very much for it.
116. A: “ Bye”    B: “…………..”
A. Thank you B. Meet you again C. See you later D. See you lately
117. Children are required to be full time education …………..the ages of 5 and 16
A/at    B/from   C/between    D/by
118. Alice : “ What shall we do this evening?”  Carol: “………………….”
A. Thank you              B. Not at all                  C. No problem        D. Let’s go out for dinner
119/ A. trousers  B. country  C. shout  D. amount
120/ A. beard   B. word  C. heard  D. third
121/ A. character  B. challenge  C. chemistry  D. scholarship
122/ A. fan   B. bad   C. catch  D. wash
1/ A. asked  B. loved  C. fixed  D. stopped

2/ After seeing the movie Centennial,…………
the book was read by many people  B.the book made many people want to read it.
C.many people wanted to read the book.  D.the reading of the book interested many people
3/ He spoke for such a long time …………………..
so people began to fall asleep   B.so that people began to fall asleep
C.that people began to fall asleep   D.so as people began to fall asleep
4/ Can you tell me ……………….?
which book you want to buy.   B.which book you want to buy it
C.you want to buy which book   D.you want which book to buy.
5/ The more the match lasts,………
the players become the more exhausted. B.the more exhausted the players become.
C.the exhausted the players more become. D. the players become exhausted the more.
6/ It was very late ……………
after we a
ived in London.   B.before we a
ived in London.
C.while we a
ived in London.   D.when we a
ived in London.
7/Susan and George are getting ma
ied , ………. not having very much money .
A. in spite   B. however  C. but   D. despite
8/ When he …….. all the letters, he took them to the post office.
A. has written   B. had written  C. wrote  D. had been writing
9/ Don’t get off a bus…..…. it is still moving.
A. whenever   B. until  C. while  D. in case
10/ ……. that we were late, we began to run.
A. Knowing   B. To know  C. We know  D. As knowing
11/ He was told to ………. for being rude to the guest.
A. excuse   B. forgive  C. confess  D. apologise
12/ Do you mind …… in here? A. my smoking B. to smoke C. if I smoking   D. me to smoke
13/ “ I usually go dancing at night.        ” – “ ……… do that.”
You had better not     B. You had not better      
C. You should not to     D. You had better not to
14/ The successful ………. must be hard –working, responsible and honest.
A. applicant  B. application   C. apply  D. applying
15/ The light ……. when she was making a cake.
A. went off  B. went away   C. went out  D. went through
16/ She passed the exam,….….. made us surprised  A. that    B. it  C. which D. this
17/ I saw you yesterday. You …….. in a cafe.
A sat   B. were sitting   C. had sat           D.had been sitting.
18/” I have passed all my examinations” – “……..”
A. My dear !  B. Best wishes !  C. Well done !  D. That’s very well!
19/ I am ………… single-handed, I don’t need any help.
A. used to sail  B. used  to sailing  C. used for sailing D. using sail
20/ “ Let’s go to the cinema tonight,” said Jane.
Jane wanted us to go to the cinema that night.     B.Jane  invited us to go to the cinema that night.
C.Jane  suggested going to the cinema that night.     D.Jane  allowed us to go to the cinema that night.
21/ Mrs Brown was the first owner ………. dog won three prizes in the same show
A. that   B. who    C. which  D. whose
22/ I understand your point of view. ……… I don’t agree with it.
A. Although  B. So    C. However  D. Despite
23/ Every animal on earth is important and the …….. of one threatens us all.
A. danger  B. extinction   C. development D. population
24/ Next year , I’m going to get ma
ied …… John and we are going to move to Bristol.
A.  to   B. for    C.  with  D. by
25/ Please ………all the lights before going out.
A. give up  B. turn off   C. take off  D. cut down
26/I had an accident last night. I wish I …… more attention to the traffic lights.
A. had paid  B. paid    C. would pay  D. was paying
27/  It spent a long time to travel to the skiing resort but in the end we got there.
28/ I’ll make some sandwiches before I’ll leave for the office in the morning.
              A                                                   B       C                              D
29.If I had taken that English course, I ____  much progress.

A. would have made B. had made C. made D. would make.
30.Not many people find reading more ____ than watching TV.
A. interestingly B. interest C. interested D. interesting
31.A book may be evaluated by a reader or professional writer to create a book ____.
A. reviewing B. reviewed C. review D. reviewer
32.Most deserts are enormous sandy areas.
A. immense          B. aerial   C. mysterious  D. arid
33.I am not deaf. You ____ shout.   A. needn’t B. must C. need D. mustn't
34.If I had enough money, I ____ a
oad to improve my English.
A. should have go to B. would go C. will go D. should go
35.Peter has been working for 10 hours. He ____ be very tired now.
A. must B. should C. needn't D. has to
36.You should take your um
ella along with you today. It ____ rain later on this afternoon.
A. might B. mightn’t C. mustn't D. will
37.It was ___________ that everyone answered it co
A. so simple question   B. such a simple question    C. too simple question   D. a more simple question
38.Maria: “Thanks for the lovely evening.”Diana: “______.”
A. No, it’s not good  B. I’m glad you enjoyed it       C. Yes, it’s really great   D. Oh, that’s right
39. She’s interviewing that famous footballer about his real life. She’s going to write a _ about that man.
A. love story B. poem C. fiction D. biography
40.Pat: “Would you like something to eat?”              Kathy: “ _________.  I’m not hungry now.”
A. No, thanks   B. No, no problem  C. Yes, I would  D. Yes, it is.
41. No one has used that door for twenty years.
A. That door has not been used for twenty years.      B. That door has been not used for twenty years. 
C. That door has been used by none of them for twenty years.
 D. That door wasn’t used for twenty years. 
42. National parks help to protect __________ species. 
A. dangerous  B. danger  C. endanger  D. endangered
43. This story is incredible. You will hardly believe in it.
A. interesting B. impressive C. unbelievable D. confusing
44. You must do your homework every day.
A. Your homework must being done every day.        B.  Your homework must do every day by you.
C. Your homework must be done every day.      D. Your homework should to be done by you every day.
45.Your direction to your house isn’t clear………. I got lost.
A. so as to   B. however  C. so   D. but
46.Elephants are __________ hunted for their ivory. 
A. illegally   B. legal  C. legally  D. illegal
47. I’d rather do nothing than watch old films on TV.
A.   There are few old films on TV.   B.   Watching old films on TV is enjoyable.
C.   I dislike watching old films on TV.  D.   Old films on TV are worth watching.
48. He stayed up so late last night,________________________ .
A. however he got up very early this morning B. but he got up very early this morning.
C. and so he got up very early this morning   D. therefore he got up very early this morning
49. The weather was cold, so I went swimming anyway.
                A            B                   C          D 
Many rain forests are being cutting down for timber or woods.
         A                         B                 C                                     D
You needn’t forget to pay the rent tomo
ow. The landlord is very strict about paying on time. 
                 A                                  B                                                           C                  D
Nam is very afraid of recognizing in the public.
              A                           B                C        D
53. He was offered the job thanks to his _______ performance during his job interview.
A. impressive B. impression C. impress D. impressively
54. A. university  B. application  C. mathematics D. technology
55. They have just visited the town _______ location was little known.
A. which   B. where  C. whose  D. that

56. We had wanted to stay until the end of the game, ______  it got too late for us.
A. so B. however C. but D. therefore
57. There are no easy ways to learn a foreign language, aren't there?
                  A                                 B  C                                        D
58. Be quiet! Someone ______ at the front door. I ______ it  
A. has knocked / am going to answer  B. is knocking / will answer  
C. will knock / have answered  D. knocks / am answering
59. She raised her hand high so that she could attract her teacher's attention.
A. She had such a high raising of hand that she failed to attract her teacher's attention.
B. To attract her teacher's attention, she raised her hand high.
C. Because her teacher attracted her, she raised her hand high.
D. Though she raised her hand high, she could not attract her teacher's attention.
60. My parents wouldn't ______ to the party. 
A. allow to go   B. allow me going C. allow me  go D. allow me to go
61. He asked me _______ Robert and I said I did not know _______.
A. that did I know / who were Robert B. that I knew / who Robert were
C. if I knew / who Robert was D. whether I knew / who was Robert
62. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony _______ next weekend.
A. is going to be performed  B. will have performed 
C. will be performing D. has been performed
63. We have a lot of things that we have to do today.
A. do B. doing C. to do D. done
64. A. loved   B. appeared  C. agreed  D. laughed
65. read/ books/ help/ us/
oaden/ knowledge/ understanding.
A. Reading books helps us
oadening our knowledge and understanding.
B. Reading books helps us in
oadening our knowledge and understanding.
C. Reading books help us
oaden knowledge of understanding.
D. Reading books helps us 
oaden knowledge of understanding.
66. He’s got ______  time, so he hu
ies.  A. little B. a few C. a little D. few
67. He talked about the books and the authors______ interested him.
A. which  B. that   C. whom  D. who
68. He wore a false beard so that nobody couldn’t recognize him.
             A      B                     C                           D
69. The bookshop is ______  the chemist’s and the butcher’s and ______  the li
A. among / across       B. between / opposite       C. among / opposite       D. between / across                                    
70. Asians believe in ____  ma
iage- the parents of the
ide and the groom decide on the ma
A. lucky B. romantic C. contractual D. independent
71. Hadn't he resigned, we would have been forced to sack him.
              A             B                                              C          D
72. The ______ we start, the sooner we will be back.
A. more early B. early C. earlier D. earliest
73.- “How well you are playing!”        - “ ________.”
A. Thank you too much B. Say it again. I like to hear your words
C. I think so. I am proud of myself D. Many thanks. That is a nice compliment
74. Many people think Steve stole the money.
A. Many people think the money is stolen by Steve.    B. Steve is thought to have stolen the money.
C. It was not Steve who stole the money.                      D. The money is thought to be stolen by Steve.
75._______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted.
A. Despite of B. In spite C. Even though D. In spite of
76. She is so busy that she can’t come to the party.
A. If she were not so busy she could come to the party.
B. If she were not so busy she need to come to the party.
C. If she were not so busy she must come to the party.
D. If she had not been so busy she could have come to the party.
77. Davis learned to play ______ violin when he was at ______ university.
A. a / the B. the /  Ø C. Ø / the D. the / the
78. The last time when I saw her was three years ago.
A. I saw her three years ago and will never meet her again.

B. I have not seen her for three years.                       C. About three years ago, I used to meet her. 
D. I have often seen her for the last three years.
79." Do you know where Lees Close is ? "        " ________ "
A. I'm afraid I don't. B. Pardon, I don't know.    C. I'm so
y not to. D. I regret , but no.
80.- “Thank you for your help.”  - “ ________________.”
A. You are nice. B. You are welcome. C. Thanks D. No
81. If only I had studied hard enough to pass the final exam.
A. I studied too hard to pass the final exam.         B. I studied hard otherwise I would fail the final exam.
C. I regret not studying hard enough to pass the final exam.
D. I had studied hard enough and I passed the final exam.
82."Hello, Mary!" Peter said. 
A. Peter greeted Mary.    B. Peter said hello Mary.
C. Peter said Mary hello. D. Peter told Mary hello
83. He wanted to know how long you have been learning.
                               A          B                C                 D
84.A. children  B. school  C. teacher  D. chore
85. Jim gave me a letter to post. I ______ forget to post it.
A. need  B. must      C. needn’t  D. mustn’t
86. The Asian Games is one of the most important ……………. In Asia.
a. incidents b. events  c. news  d. points
87. I kept them in the ………………
a. metal black small box  b. small black metal box
c. black metal small box    d. small metal black box
88. We all said  , “………………..!” before Ba blew out the candles on his birthday cake.
a. Happy anniversary  b. Happy New Year     c. Happy birthday to you d. Congratulations
89. Everyone is aware ……………….. the danger of overcrowded population.
a. of   b. to   c. from    d. with
90. We have produced 15% more cotton this year____ we did last year.
A. as              B. than         C. like        D. white
91. If I …………………………..enough money, I would buy a house.
    a. had   b. had had   c. will have  d. have
92. The economic conditions today are ……….. they were in the past.
a. much more good  b. much better than  c. much better  d. the best than.
93. We  know the man . . . . .  pen Nam bo
owed .
a who          b whom   c.which  d whose
94. When the telephone rang, she………….. a letter.
a. wrote   b. was written   c. was writing  d. has written
95 . ……… your house painted last year?
a. Have     b. Was    c. Had   d. Did
96. His mother hates.................. to pop music.
a. listen   b. listening   c. to listening  d. Having listened
97. a. hats   b. walks   c. sleeps  d. stars
98. a. guess   b. give    c. ghost  d. ginger
99. a. follow   b. apology   c. experience  d. direct
100. a. This exercise is so long that we can’t do it.      b. This exercise is too long for us to do it.
c. This exercise is long enough for us to do         d. This exercise is such a long that we can’t do it
101. When paper money is used, it is widely used around the world.
a. When using, paper money is widely used around the world.
b. When used, paper money is widely used around the world.                
      c. When use, paper money is widely used around the world.              
d. a and b
102. A. shown   B. known   C. town  D. snow
103. A. cooks    B. loves    C. joins   D. spends
1. I like Robinson Crusoe. He is the main character in a book by Daniel Defoe.
a. I like Robinson Crusoe, who is the main character in a book by Daniel Defoe.
b. I like Robinson Crusoe who is the main character in a book by Daniel Defoe.

c. I like Robinson Crusoe because he is the main character in a book by Daniel Defoe.
d. I like Robinson Crusoe, who  are  the main character in a book by Daniel Defoe.
2. What/ you / use/ internet / for?
A. What do you use  the internet for?                        B. What do you use internet for?
C.What do you do  the internet for?                            D.What do you use  the internet?
3. A. interfered   B. allowed   C. visited   D. played
4. A. position    B. family   C. century   D. politics
5. A. interviewer   B. preparation   C. economics   D. education
6. Body language is a potent form of _______ communication.
A. ve
al    B. non-ve
al   C. tongue   D. Oral
7. In _______ 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam won 158 _______ gold medals.
A. Ø / the    B. the / Ø   C. a / the   D. the / the
8. Nam:  “You are a great dancer.”    Hoa:  …………………………….I’m an awful dancer.
A. You are so kind   B. That’s a nice compliment      
C. You must be kidding  D. Oh, thank you very much
9. If I _______ 10 years younger, I _______ the job.
A. am / will take  B. was / have taken     C. had been / will have taken       D. were / would take
10. I’ve applied ............ a job at the factory. I don’t know if I’ll get it.
A. for    B. in   C. on    D. at
11. When I came to the cinema, the film.........shown for ten minutes.
A. will have been   B. has been   C. had been    D. was
13. Binh: “I didn’t get the job”         Van: ………………………………
A. Never mind, better luck next time.    B. Good heavens!    C. The same to you     D. Sure.
14. The …… we study, the more prizes we receive.
A. best    B. worse   C. better    D. worst
15. Look! The ball …………………down.
A. falls    B. is falling  C. fall    D. has fallen
16. What is the name of the blonde girl ………………..?
A. whom just came in    B. who just came in     C. when I have just seen        D. who she met you.
17. It is found that endangered species are often concentrated in areas that are poor and densely populated, such as much of Asia and Africa.
A. disappeared  B. increased   C. threatened   D. reduced
18. .  …… the heavy traffic, they left very early.
A. Though   B. Despite   C. Because   D. Because of
19. The laptop is………..expensive for me to buy.
A. to   B. very   C. enough  D. too
20. Alex: “Would you like to have dinner with me?” Kim: ………………………………
A. You are so kind B. Yes, I’d love to. C. Yes, I would. D. Yes, so do I.
21. This is the school ……………………… he used to study
A. which  B. that   C. where  D. whose
22. Te
y used……………in the forest.
A. to live  B. to living  C. live   D. lives
23. The local clubs are …………… every effort to interest more young people.
A. doing  B. making  C. taking  D. having
24. Neither Sandra nor Mary ……….  part in the singing contest.
A. has taken   B. hasn’t taken C. have taken  D. haven’t taken
25. Loan: “I’ve passed my diving test.”  Viet: ………………
A. Do you? B. It’s nice of you to say so   C. Congratulation! D. Oh, thank you very much.
26. He was the only ……………… that was offered the job.
A. apply    B. application   C. applicant   D. applying
27. Anna needed some money, …………., she took a part-time job.
A. furthermore   B. moreover   C. however   D. therefore
28. Sue didn’t go to the movie.   - ……………
A. So did I      B. I did, too  C. Neither did I D. Either did I.
29. Read the book ……………..and you can find the information that you need.
A. care   B. careful  C.carefully   D. carefulness
30. They are painting the kitchen now
A. The kitchen was being painted now  B. The kitchen is being painted now
C. The kitchen are being painted now  D. The kitchen is painted now by them

31. The
idge (A) was destroying by (B) during a (C) sudden storm (D) last week.
32. Laura - one of their children (A) who (B) has studied English (C) before they  went (D) to London.
33. The students (A) who (B) don’t have li
ary cards (C) they can’t bo
ow books (D) from the li
34. “When did you leave school?” the interviewer asked me.
A. The interviewer told me when I had left school.
B. The interviewer asked me when I had left school.
C. The interviewer asked me when you had left school.
D. The interviewer asked me when I left school.
35. I’ve never eaten this food before.
A. It’s the first time I’ve eaten this food.                  B. It’s the most tasty food I’ve ever eaten.
C. I’ve never eaten such a good food before.           D. The food is so good that I’ve never eaten before
36. I like watching TV more than listening to the radio. 
A. I prefer watching TV to listening to the radio.      B. I prefer watching TV than listening to the radio.
C. I’d better watching TV to listening to the radio.    D. I’d better watch TV to listening to the radio.
37. She was tired, so she didn’t enjoy the party.
A. If she weren’t tired, she would enjoy the party.  B. If she were tired, she wouldn’t enjoy the party.
C. If she had been tired, she wouldn’t have enjoyed the party.
D. If she hadn’t been tired, she would have enjoyed the party.
38. It is the first time I had eaten this kind of food. 
       A                   B               C                     D
  a. instead             b. interesting           c. expected           d. resources
He said that he __________ there the day before.
a. comes    b.came    c.has come  d.had come
41. a.runs    b.helps    c.laughs   d.talks
42. My mother lets me to go on picnic when I am free.
                              A           B           C                      D
43. She said to him, “ Are you an engineer?”
a. She asks him if he was an engineer.  b.She told him if he was an engineer.
c.She asked him if he was an engineer.  d.She asked him if he was an engineer?
44. I wanted to know  __________ .
a. where did he live        b.where does he live    c.where he live  d.where he lived
45. In America there are two_____________ live in a home. They are parents and children..
 a.persons   b.children.  c.generations   d.generation
46. The conical leaf hat can protect people ____ sun or rain.      a.to  b.from c.in d.for
47. My friend was very wo
ied about the exam. I advised him __________
 a.not to wo
y  b.no wo
y  c.not  wo
y  d.to not wo
48. It is acceptable_______ questions about age, ma
iage and income in Vietnam.
 a. asked    b.ask    c.to ask   d.asking
49.She always talks to her parents before ___________ an important decision.
 a.taking    b.giving   c.doing   d.making 
50. a.national   b.nationality  c.nation   d.international
51.He was the only _________ that was offered the job.
 a.applicant   b.apply   c.application  d.applying
52.Many people will be out of _______ if the factory is closed.
 a.job    b.career   c.work   d.profession
53. In England schooling is compulsory ____ all children from the age of 5 to 16.
 a.for         b.with   c.over   d.to
54/ __________ more carefully, he would not have had the accident yesterday.
 a. If Peter driven          b. Had Peter driven  c.  If had Peter driven   d.Unless Peter had driven
55/ If I ______ millions of dollars , I  _______ all over the world.
 a.had had/ will travel       b.had / would travel  c.have/ would travel    d.had/ travel
56. Japanese _________ at the meeting. 
a. will be speaking     b.will spoken  c.will speak   d.will be spoken
57. People think that Steve stole the money.
a. People think that the money is stolen.                     c.  Steve is thought to have stolen the money.
c. It was  thought that Steve stole the money.             d.  People are thought that Steve stole the money.

58. I am so _______ that I can't say anything , but keep silent. 
a.nervous    b.nerve     c.nervousness   d.nervously
59. If they didn't live so far away, I ______ them every week.
 a.visit    b.would have visited             c.will visit  d. would visit
60. It is found that endangered species are often concentrated in areas that are poor and densely populated.  
a. reduced    b. threatened    c.disappeared   d.increased
61. The telephone____________ by Alexander Graham Bell.
 a.was invented  b.is inventing    c.is  invented   d.invented
62. He is the man _______ car was stolen last week. 
a. that     b.which     c.whose    d.whom
63. If it _____________ an hour ago , we would have stayed inside.
 a.were raining  b.had rained    c.rained    d.rains
64. a.writing   b.nice     c.written    d.device
65. Peter left  high school________ the age  ______ seventeen.
a.at / of    b.of / in     c.on / with    d.  in / for
66. A letter of _________ is sometimes really necessary for you in a job  interview.
 a.recommend  b. recommendation  c.recommended  d. recommender
67. I would rather _________ poor but happy than become rich without happiness.
 a. was   b.being     c.be     d. to be
68. He told me not to do it ; _________ , I did it                a.So   b.However    c.Therefore    d.But
69. __________  is the protection of environment and natural resources.
 a.Commerce   b.Survival     c.Conservation   d.Extinction
70. He was offered the job thanks to his ________ performance during his job interview.
 a.impression   b.impress     c.impressively   d.impressive
71. Two tablets __________twice a day  to help you recover  from the  illness quickly.
 a.must take   b.must have taken    c.must be taken   d.must be taking
72. You had better to learn  a foreign language before applying for a job.
                   A                 B    C                                          D
 In spite of the traffic jam, we managed getting to the airport in time.
             A                                                         B       C                        D
74.Time went by, that girl became more and more beautifully . 
                        A                                 B      C            D   
75. A. laughs  B. photographs C. machines  D. parents
76. A. chores  B. halves  C. minutes  D. becomes
77. A. derived   B. cleaned   C. cancelled   D. guessed
78. A. stopped               B. laughed               C. talked              D. wanted
79. A. social    B. conduct      C. survey    D. value 
80. A. answer                B. begin                         C. refuse                   D. complain
81. Learning English is not easy . 
A. It is not easy to learning English .   B.It is not easy  learning English .
C.It is not easy to learn English .  D.It is not difficult to learn English
82. Many of pictures ……..from outer space are presently on display in the public li
ary .
A. sent B. sending C. to sending  D. that sent
83. The woman asked  . ………………… get lunch at school  .
A. can the children       B. whether the children could    C. if the children can   D. could the children
84. I  ………………… on the left because I have lived in Britain for a long time  .
A. used to drive        B. am used to drive    C. used to driving       D.  am used to driving      
85 Your car is too dirty ! When did you have it ….…?
A. wash      B. be washed         C.being washed   D. washed 
86………..…his poor condition, Jim tries to study very well.
A. Although    B. In spite of     C.  Because of    D. But
87. We can raise our hand slightly to show that we need assistance.
A. help   B. attention    C. communication   D. food
88. A new road   ……….. round the city .
A. is being built   B. will been built  C.has  built     D. is going to build
89. It is  …..… believed that “men build the house and women make it home .“
A. generally  B. generalize   C. general   D. generous

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