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Time: 45 minutes

1. Listen to the following interview with a graphic designer. Fill each of the gaps with NO MORE THAN THREE words. You will listen TWICE.
The Work of a Graphic Designer
- What they do:
+ (1) ________________ to deliver a message
+ Work with both images and (2) ________________
+ Combine (3) ________________
- What the job requires:
+ BA in graphic design
+ (4) ________________ that shows creativity and originality
+ Good (5) ________________
2. Listen to the recording about how to make Vietnamese spring rolls.
For questions 1 – 2, complete the notes by filling each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE words and/ or a number from what you hear. You will listen TWICE. INGREDIENTS - Basic ingredients: minced pork, bean thread noodles, (1)_____________, carrots, bean sprouts; and some spices. - Need to have (2) _____________ and dipping sauce. For questions 3 – 6, put the steps of making spring rolls (A – D) in the right order. You will listen TWICE. A. Make long thin rolls B. Take the rolls out from the pan C. Put ingredients into a big bowl D. Fry the rolls in heated oil - Step one: (3) _____________ - Step two: (4) _____________ - Step three: (5) _____________ - Step four: (6) _____________
1. Match each statement (1. 5) to one sign/ notice (A - F). There is one extra sign/ notice you DO NOT need to use.
Write the letters in the space provided at the end of each statement.

1. You should use another way. _____


2. We’re hiring. _____


3. You’ll find some place to stay here. _____


4. We’re trying out some equipment. _____


 5. We are not open on Sunday morning. _____


2. Read the passage about the differences between American English and British English. Complete the numbered spaces in the table with ONE word from the passage.
Danny O’Brian is a junior high school student living in suburban New York. He came to see his friend in London for a few days. He was quite surprised to find that there were subtle differences between American English and British English other than the accent. The biggest difference he found was in vocabulary. He was surprised when he wanted to stand in line to get into the movie theatre, he was asked to "queue" next to the wall. He also learned that "a truck" in Britain is called "a lorry" and "an apartment" is called "a flat", "subway" means "underground" and the hood of a car is called a "bonnet". There is a slight difference in spelling, too. For example, the words "center, color, burned, dialog, realise" were spelled "centre, colour, burnt, dialogue, realize" respectively. Danny also noticed that the American say "I’m going to see a movie with my friends" while the British say "I’m going to see a movie with my mates". The British also say "Cheers!" when they say Goodbye to friends.
American English
British English


(1) ______
stand in line
(3) _____

(2) _______
(5) _______
(4) _____,

1. Combine each pair of sentence to make a complete sentence using a relative pronoun.
Here is an example. A spacecraft is a vehicle. It is used for travel into space. → A spacecraft is a vehicle which is used for travel into space.
1. The International Space Station is a large spacecraft. It was launched in 1988. → _____________________________________________________________ 2. An astronomer is a scientist. An astronomer studies the sun, the moon and other planets. → _____________________________________________________________ 3. A telescope is a piece of equipment. Astronomers use it to observe stars. → _____________________________________________________________ 4. The place has a microgravity environment. Astronauts live and conduct research here. → _____________________________________________________________ 5. Space tourism is becoming more and more popular. It is space travel for recreational purposes. → _____________________________________________________________
2. Write a paragraph of 100 - 120 words about the advantages that a person may have when learning English in an English speaking country.
You can use the cues given: - Can learn with native