I. How is th pronounced in the following words? Circle the correct option
1. that /θ/ /ð/ 6. earth /θ/ /ð/ 11. although /θ/ /ð/ 16. breath /θ/ /ð/
2. think /θ/ /ð/ 7. feather /θ/ /ð/ 12. thank /θ/ /ð/ 17. breathe /θ/ /ð/
3. other /θ/ /ð/ 8. three /θ/ /ð/ 13. brother /θ/ /ð/ 18. them /θ/ /ð/
4. weather /θ/ /ð/ 9. thieves /θ/ /ð/ 14. month /θ/ /ð/ 19. thirsty /θ/ /ð/
5. theatre /θ/ /ð/ 10. there /θ/ /ð/ 15. healthy /θ/ /ð/ 20. clothe /θ/ /ð/
II. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently for the rest.
1. a. this b. think c. thank d. thieves
2. a. gather b. bathe c. birthday d. weather
3. a. tooth b. breathe c. through d. earth
4. a. thirty b. than c. therefore d. those
5. a. mouth b. Thursday c. nothing d. worthy
III. Practice saying the sentences.
1. Their mother are gathering the clothes together.
2. The weather from the north on Thursdays is soothing
3. I think the thin thief ran north.
4. They’d rather have a bath with their clothing on.
5. The athlete ran three thousand metres to the north.
I. Match the pictures with the television programmes.

1. ______________
2. ______________
3. ______________
4. ______________

5. ______________
6. ______________
7. ______________
8. ______________

9. ______________
10. ______________
11. ______________
12. ______________

II. Match the words on the left with its definition on the right.
1. quiz show a. a device that allows you to operate a television, etc. from a distance
2. channel b. a woman on television or radio who tells you what the weather will be like
3. TV schedule c. a film about real people and events
4. remote control d. a programme where you try to answer questions in order to win prizes
5. MC e. a person who watches television
6. weathergirl f. a funny television programme in which the same characters appear in different situations
7. comedian g. a television station
8. documentary h. a list of the television programmes that are on a particular channel and the times that they start
9. sitcom i. a person who hosts an event
10. viewer j. a person whose job is to make people laugh, by telling jokes or funny stories.
III. Choose the correct answers.
1. ‘Why are you laughing so hard?’ ‘I am watching a ________. It’s really funny!’
a. drama b. news c. comedy d. romance
2. Did you watch the ________ about the history of India?
a. documentary b. sitcom c. news d. game
3. Who wants To Be a Millionaire is a kind of ________.
a. music programmes b. game shows c. talk shows d. reality shows
4. I love ________. Tom and Jerry are my favourite characters.
a. romances b. comedies c. documentaries d. cartoons
5. Grandma watches her favourite ________ every day. She never misses any episodes.
a. cartoon b. series c. news d. weather forecast
6. Where is the ________? I’d like to change the channel.
a. remote control b. volume button c. TV programme d. schedule
7. Could you turn up the ________ please. I can’t hear that singer very well.
a. channel b. programme c. volume d. television
8. Let’s