PHRASAL VERBS ~ UNIT 7 (Exercises & Keys)

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I. Complete these sentences using the six ve
s from the list below. Use each ve
only once.
work out - point out - make out - think over - come up with - make up
1. I find it difficult to.......original ideas.
2. Jane used an electronic calculator to.......the maths problem.
3. You can't believe a word he says, he’s always.......stories!
4. Why don’t suggestion before you make a decision.
5. Our guide.......the Houses of Parliament on our trip down the Thames.
6. Jeff couldn’t.......the address because it was so badly written.
II. Complete these sentences with ve
s from this unit. Each sentence has more than one possible answer. Give all possible answers.
1. I’m going to.......the problem.
2. I can’t.......where he is.
III. Replace the words in italics by the words in
ackets. Change the word order if necessary.
e.g. John worked out a plan.                         (it)
 => John worked it out.
1. Think it over.                         (the proposal)
2. She came up with a suggestion.                   (it)
3. He worked out the details.                         (them)
4. She made it up.                         (the story about the man in the red coat)
5. She pointed out the man.                         (him)
6. I can’t make out the number.                       (it)
IV. Complete the passage using think over/make out/make up.
  Ben’s a very strange man; I can’ all. He.......silly poems and if you ask him what they mean he locks himself in his room to.......his reply.
V. Complete the passage using work out/come up with/point out.
  My solicitor has.......some difficulties in your proposal, so we’ll need some time to.......them.......However, I’m sure we’ll be able acceptable compromise.
VI. Use the ve
s in
ackets to reply to the following.
e.g. Where did you find that poem?    (make up)
  => I didn’t find it, I made it up.
1. The basic plan is good, but what about the details?  (work out)
2. What did he just say?   (make out)
3. Did you see Buckingham Palace? (point out)
4. Who made the suggestion?   (come up with)
5. I don’t know whether to accept the offer.  (think over)
6. Is your explanation true?   (make up)
1. come up with   4. think over
2. work out   5. pointed out
3. making up   6. make out
1. think over/work out  2. makeout/point out/work out
1. Think the proposal over/think over the proposal
2. came up with it
3. worked them out
4. made up the story
              about the man in the red coat
              made the story about …up
5. pointed him out
6. make it out
IV.  make (him) out; makes up, think over/make up
V.  pointed out/come up with, work (them) out/think (them) over; come up with/
      work out
1. We can work them out later (etc.).
2. I couldn't quite make it out either (etc.).
3. Yes, the guide pointed il out (etc.).
4, Lesley came up withit (etc).
5. Think it over and tell me tomo
ow (etc.).
6. No. I made it up (etc.).
  - work out: giải ra; tìm ra đáp án                      - point out: chỉ rõ
  - make out: hiếu rõ; đoán ra                      - think over: suy xét; suy tính
  - come up with: đề xuất                       - make up: bịa đặt

Buckingham Palace, London
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