Đề thi vào lớp 10 (2)
Trương Văn Ánh
Đại học Sài Gòn
I. Choose the word that best completes each of these sentences: (2.5ms)
1. Nobody was happy at the meeting, ___________?
A. was he B. were they C. wasn`t he D. were `t they
2. She has made friends __________ a lot of students in Paris.
A. for B. in C. with D. at
3. When the accident happened, she __________ in the office.
A. worked B. was working C. work D. has worked

4. She __________ him a lot since she arrived in Paris.
A. missed B. has missed C. misses D. was missing
5. She hopes that she ____________ him soon.
A. meets B. will meet C. met D. has met
6. Mr Thompson saw that Bill ____________ wildly among the audience.
A. cheered B. cheers C. has cheered D. was cheering
7. Jack and Benny are friends. Benny works ____________.
A. harder B. the hardest C. as hard D. so hard

8. During the work, she looked _____________ than he.
A. tired B. more tired C. tireder D. as tired
9. At 3.30 Brazil scored _______________ a penalty.
A. in B. on C. at D. from
10. The engineer ____________ the workshop while the workers were chatting.
A. entered B. were entering C. has entered D. will enter

II. Each sentence has a mistake. Identify it by choosing A, B, C, or D: (0.5 m)
His mother was sick, if he stayed at home to
take care of her.
2. My teacher said that we will have a picnic the
A B C following week.

III. Use the correct form of the word given to complete each sentence: (1m)
1. Food is a _________ (need) of life.
2. Energy _________ (conserve) includes searching for alternative fuels.
3. _________ (environment) friendly energy sources include water and wind power.
4. People who exercise _________ (regular) are less likely to feel stress.
5. There is an _________ (interest) documentary on channel 4 tonight.
6. The internet is a very useful means of _________ (communicate).

IV: Reading: (3.5ms)
A. Gap-filling: Read the reading below carefully, and then complete it with the best option A, B, C or D given below:
Background, in relation to computers, on the screen, the color on which characters are displayed. (1) _______, a white background may be used for black characters. In a windowing environment in which more than one program or document can be available to the user, open but currently inactive (2) _______ are said to be in the background.

In the context of operating systems and program execution, background refers to a process, or task, assigned a lower priority in the microprocessor`s share of time to tasks other than the task running in the (3) _______. A background process thus often performs its work, such as printing or checking for arriving messages on an electronic mail network, invisibly unless the user requests an update or brings the task to the foreground. (4) _______, only multitasking operating systems are able to support background processing. However, some operating systems that do not (5) _______ multitasking may be able to perform one or more types of background tasks. For example, in the Apple Macintosh operating system running in Single-Launch Mode (with multitasking (6) _______), the Background Printing option can be used to print documents while the user is doing other work.

1/ A. For sure B. In fact C. For example D. In general
2/ A. windows B. systems C. tasks D. characters
3/ A. background B. foreground C. computer D. program
4/ A. Really B. Similarly C. Generally D. Hopefully
5/ A. learn B. support C. check D. use
6/ A. turned on B. turned off C. turned down D. turned up

B. True-false: Read the following passage carefully, and then decide if the following statements are True (T) or False (F).
Education of students who are hard of hearing or deaf may involve the use of powerful amplification devices, such as hearing aids, or it may use captions (printed words that appear on a television screen or computer monitor). Many deaf or hard of hearing students learn sign language, an organized system of gestures for communication. Others learn to speechread (lipread), a method of interpreting speech by “reading” the patterns of a person’s mouth as he or she speaks. Some deaf students receive

cochlear implants, which are receivers surgically implanted behind the ear and connected to electrodes placed in the cochlea of the inner ear, enabling individuals to hear sounds to a varying degree.
Gifted children are often moved through the regular school curriculum at a faster pace than their peers. Some children with exceptionally high ability in a particular subject area may be allowed to reduce the time they spend in their other subjects to permit more time to focus on challenging content in their specialty. A high school student who is particularly gifted in math, for example, may attend advanced math classes at a local college rather than music classes at the high school. Some gifted students may also skip grades or they may enter kindergarten, high school, or college at an early age.

1. Hearing aid is a device worn inside or next to the ear by people who cannot hear well in order to help them to hear better.
2. Several dumb students receive cochlear implants.
3. The first paragraph is about deaf and hard of hearing students.
4. All the children have to spend equal time in their study in these schools.

C. Reading comprehension: Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question.
Why did English become the international language? In the middle of the 19th century, French was the international language. Then Britain became very powerful in the world. England started having colonies in North America and India in the 17th century. By 1900s, England also had colonies in other parts of Asia, Africa and the South Pacific. The people in the colonies had to use English. Slowly it became more important than French internationally. English has more words than any other language. The grammar is simpler than in the other major languages. However, English spelling is difficult. Foreigners all have trouble spelling English. So do native speakers!

Since 1880, more than 50 artificial languages have been invented, but no one speaks as native language, and none of them has ever become popular. Some people don’t want to learn English, but it is the international language. There is no way to change that now.
1. In the middle of the 19th century, the most international language was ………
A. Chinese B. English C. French. D. Spanish

2. Which of the following is not true?
A. There have been more than 50 artificial languages.
B. Some people don’t want to learn English.
C. English is now used as an international language.
D. More and more people are interested in learning artificial languages.

V. Write complete sentences, using the given words: (0.5m)
1. The police/ managed/ save/ boy/ burning house.
2. How/you/go/evening class/week

VI. Rewrite these sentences, beginning with the given words. (2ms)
1. Alice began playing the piano ten years ago.
Alice has _____________________
2. Emma has never been to Europe before.
Never _________________
3. The director will have someone paint his car.
The director _____________________
4. Mother is cooking chicken curry in the kitchen.
Chicken curry ___________________

Good luck!